Magnetic Boards with Suction Cups - Our Stainless Steel Magnetic Board Solution!


Modern stainless steel refrigerators are not magnetic! We created a stainless steel magnetic board solution. 

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Where Can it be used

Glossy Black FridgeBoard - Magnetic Board for Stainless Steel Refrigerator

These Magnetic Boards can be used to create a magnetic board in many places, including:

  1. Stainless-Steel refrigerators
  2. Glass
  3. Any smooth surface

What can it do?


Our boards are powder-coated steel for an elegant board with strong magnetism.  

FridgeBoards have strong suction, so post your notes, letters, and save-the-date's all in one place! They can also be used as a white-board for note taking!

Dry-erase markers (such as Expo Markers) wipe off great, but we have a White-Board specific model for the frequent note-taker.  

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