Magnetic Boards with Suction Cups - Our Stainless Steel Magnetic Board Solution!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach FridgeBoards?

Make sure the surface you are attaching FridgeBoards to is clean.  A dirty surface won't let your suction cup grip very well.

We recommend you apply some moisture to the surface of the suction cup (using a damp towel or sponge works great!).  Moisture will give it stronger suction and make it stick longer.

Line up the FridgeBoard where you want it.  Firmly press each corner to adhere all the suction cups.

Can FridgeBoards be removed?

Yes! Suction cups can be removed at any time.  Simply lift up the tab on the suction up, and it easily detaches.

You won't even know it was there!

WIll FridgeBoards stick to all types of Fridges?

FridgeBoards will adhere to any smooth surface.  Most stainless-steel refrigerators are smooth and will work with FridgeBoards.  

However, some refrigerators are not smooth and have a textured surface  (example below).   

Most of the time, you can tell just by running your hand along the surface.  If FridgeBoards ends up not working with your Fridge, don't worry.  We designed our Return Policy around these types of situations.

How Long will FridgeBoards stick for?

Quite a while! 

Remember that a suction cup is not a permanent fixture so check your FridgeBoard periodically to make sure it's still firmly attached.  

Eventually, suction cups lose their suction and need to be reattached.  We recommend checking it every month or so and reattaching it as needed.  If yours is being used frequently, we always advise safety by checking it regularly.

Over years, the suction cups themselves may lose their ability to hold a vacuum (suction).  We sell replacement suction cups that are easy to swap out, so you can keep using your FridgeBoard for years to come.

Can you make a custom size or color?

We make FridgeBoards to order.  Please contact us at  

We can make FridgeBoards in almost any color.  We can also customize a size for you.

Return Policy

We have a 30-Day Return policy in case FridgeBoards does not work for you.  See the Return Policy Page here: