Magnetic Boards with Suction Cups - Our Stainless Steel Magnetic Board Solution!

New Sizes

We are adding some new FridgeBoard sizes!

Magnetic Strips

Ever see those Magnetic strips for kitchen utensils? Click here for example

We thought it would be stylish and chic to have a Magnetic Strip with Suction Cups for your fridge.  We have a bunch made and we will have some pictures of them on Fridges soon!

The size is 13.5" by 3.5"

Larger Size 

We are launching a 19.5" by 13.5" larger FridgeBoard.  The smallest part of a fridge, width wise, is usually around 14-15 inches.  These will fit even the smallest fridge section, and have a long profile to allow you to fill more of your fridge with pictures, notes, and anything else you want! 

We will have pictures coming up shortly.